CSE Software™ offers fast, affordable and professional duplication/replication services. In addition, we can provide development, mastering and artwork design.

On Demand Media Encryption

When you need to duplicate and encrypt media, do it on demand! CSE offers a safe and reliable method for copy protection. Fight piracy and increase your revenues by encrypting your media to prevent common copy techniques. Save on the costs of having to duplicate hundreds or thousands of media at a time, and duplicate exactly what you need. Whether you duplicate only a few pieces once a month or larger quantities every week, you can protect your business’ brand and reputation.

Key Features:

  • Resistant to recording software and hardware.
  • Transparent to end users (no passwords, no driver installations, etc.).
  • Protected content is useable as long as the original medium is present in a local drive.
  • Fully compatible with standard DVD devices and Windows operating systems.
  • Distribution of copy protected or encrypted discs and USB drives.
  • Encryption doesn’t require administrator rights to use the media.
  • Disc protection scheme that doesn’t require elevated privileges to function.


CD/DVD duplication with no minimum quantities required. Same day turnaround available.


Replication services for larger CD and DVD quantities are available. Apply silk-screened artwork for a sleek finish. Choose from a variety of packaging options. Minimum quantities and longer turnaround times apply.

CD Business Cards/Mini Discs

Take your business card beyond basic contact information (holds 50 MB). Create an eBiz card that features dynamic interactive multimedia sure to give you a competitive edge in today’s economic environment. Key features:

  • Product Information
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Product Drawings
  • Purchasing Information
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Software Application

When more space is needed for larger presentations, choose a Mini CD (holds 180 MB) or a Mini DVD (holds 1.4 GB). The media is sized to fit in the palm of your hand. Development, mastering and artwork design is available. No minimum quantities.

Software Distribution

CSE can distribute your software (large distributions or subscription releases, as well as daily fulfillment). We specialize in timely and accurate delivery, giving special attention to packaging so it arrives at its destination undamaged. Tracking and reporting options available.

Contact Towanda Atterberry at 1.309.670.7595 to learn more about CSE Software™ Fulfillment services.

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