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Add a Microsite to Deliver Focused Information & Raise SEO

By May 28th, 2013No Comments

What is a microsite, you wonder? In essence, a microsite is an extension of your main website. Also known as minisites or weblets, these sites are the newest web design iteration and usually consist of only five or six focused pages. The sites are used in order for an organization to offer more in-depth information on a product or service; to deal with sensitive information; new or differing brands of the parent organization; affiliate companies; special promotions; or new product launches. These small, focused areas of the website can be created cost effectively and add a lot of marketing appeal to an organization’s main website. Sites can be designed to achieve higher search engine rankings for specific searches, which can be tied to marketing campaigns and loaded with plenty of inbound links tied to the main website. Another aspect of a minisite is the ability to appeal to a completely different target audience. Because the site can be given a unique URL, it can be used as a tool to track visitors. It’s also a way to test marketing response to the information on the site. Visitors can go directly to the site without having to navigate and search through your main website.

Microsites can be tied directly to the subject matter and tied visually to the marketing message. This design flexibility isn’t the norm for a main website. As well, any distractions like the navigation bar are also removed so the viewer only focuses on the subject matter/campaign. When you want to deliver focused information on a new product or service, or better draw attention to it, the experienced multimedia development team at CSE Software Inc. can build a fast and affordable microsite. Drive traffic to the site and raise your search engine optimization (SEO) in the process. The CSE experts can help boost your overall digital strategy by designing the site so that search engines can find it easier to index. Best of all CSE Software can build a minisite for every product, service or brand you want to feature and preserve your main branding. Put a spotlight on your next product launch, event or promotion with a site designed and developed by the team at CSE Software. Contact Stacey Burris at 1.309.670.7595 to get started today.