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Adding the cloud to eLearning removes borders

By May 14th, 2012No Comments

It used to be that employee training stayed in the office, but with even the Department of Defense encouraging more workers to find remote or work-from-home solutions, eLearning development will need to be flexible to support a more diverse cross section of devices that will need to access training information.

Right now the federal government is targeting $1.5 billion for its Remote Jobs and Communities Program, including initiatives for custom training development for those without access to regular classrooms according to ABC. Another study by OfficeTeam found more human resources solutions pointed at offering employees a remote working opportunity in order to keep their employees engaged.

Putting information like custom training software online in the cloud means that anyone can access the courses at any time and from any location where they can find an internet connection. CallidusCloud was just launched to facilitate those interested in pursuing eLearning development opportunities with transferring their training into the cloud so accessibility and usability can advance.

Businesses that pursue broader mobile solutions like the cloud can facilitate ongoing education by making the courses available wherever their employees are.

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