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Address all the needs of workers with eLearning

By February 17th, 2012No Comments

Knowing how to properly train workers often comes down to understanding what they want out of life. If trainers and supervisors can convince employees that they have much to gain through training and will succeed if they commit to any sort of instructional regimen, it is a lot easier to lead classes and lessons. Figuring out how to unlock personnel's true potential, therefore, requires a bit of psychology.

One model that sheds a great deal of light on the minds of staff members is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It was developed by American researcher Abraham Maslow in the 1950s and has been used to great effect by advertisers and executives for years. Its structure essentially ranks the internal needs that people have and what motivates their actions. When people know what makes others tick, they can apply that information to patterns that make communication even more effective. Consider the following layers of Maslow's Hierarchy and how eLearning software development can cater to all of them and create a more effective workforce.

The first two needs, which are the most basic for survival, are biological well-being and physical safety. Besides training that keeps workers safe, these two requirements don't necessarily fall under the influence of trainers in the workplace. However, the next tier is belonging, which can have a great impact on a company's functioning. For example, eLearning software can be used to encourage teamwork and illustrate the value of working for a certain organization. When workers have been taught to value their fellow employees and take pride in their work, it is more likely that they'll make substantial efforts while on the clock.

The more well-versed in complicated techniques that an employee is, the more she'll want to learn to improve her tasks even more. Self-esteem is the next highest of Maslow's needs and applies to employees when they take examinations and perform demonstrations of their abilities with certain tasks. When companies use custom software development, they give workers ample opportunities to show how much effort they're putting into training sessions and how willing they are to please their superiors. The positive reinforcement and praise that's bestowed upon them will improve their efforts immensely.

No matter how talented a person has become, he's always going to want a little bit more. This means that no employee will ever truly be content to remain at their current level. Indeed, promotions and raises are frequently needed if only to keep the best workers in the workplace. Digital training and eLearning helps companies properly assess which candidates are the best to rise through the ranks at a company since the tests and record-keeping that such programs allow create much smaller margins of error.

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