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Amidst budget cuts, Iowa keeps eLearning development

By May 15th, 2012No Comments

Iowa governor Terry Branstad will most likely sign a new school reform that calls for some serious cutbacks on educational spending in some fields but retains certain custom eLearning development.

The proposal cuts mandatory college entrance exams and certain student assessments, as well as limiting physical expansion of some schools and curricula. However, it allows online reading courses and remote learning to continue. The plan does require a cutback on the overall number of students receiving dedicated mobile learning, but unlike other programs, it has not been completely removed from the budget.

Meanwhile the Lebanon, Oregon, Community School Board is still in talks as to what types of custom eLearning development to pursue. The school board recently decided to pursue a mobile learning solution for students seeking summer courses or trying to bring up their grades.

"I like the fact that [eLearning] can fill a gap for classes that we currently do not have," said Richard Borden, a member of the school board.

These schools recognize the flexibility and value of custom software development even at the K-12 level, showing that it is never too early to benefit from eLearning scenarios.

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