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As corporations turn to tablets, further app development needed

By April 12th, 2012No Comments

According to a 2012 article in the Chicago Tribune, one tenth of tablets sold worldwide are used by corporations. This points to a need for more tablet app development that targets specific companies' needs.

Tablets benefit businesses by allowing greater mobility, more control shared content, access to presentations and video conferencing capabilities. Tablet apps increase productivity, streamline workflow, provide access to remote networks and accept billing payments.

With the changing demands of technology in the global marketplace, businesses need new applications that target their necessities. Application software development can be customized to include the platforms and functions particular to the company, giving businesses a greater say in how they do business.

Further, specialized applications targeting particular areas of corporate training could facilitate worker acclimation, allowing access to training documents from any location. The number of tablets used by businesses is expected to increase, as companies find they have greater business power through the magic of apps. As businesses customize their niche, they will also need individually designed apps to increase commerce capabilities.

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