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Asian markets clamor for eLearning

By June 13th, 2012No Comments

Recognizing the value of eLearning development, many universities are spending millions in an effort to put the entirety of its curriculum online and accessible via mobile learning apps.

As an example, one university in Hong Kong, China, has a strategy consisting of utilizing social media and online learning tools to bring a broader spectrum of students into the curriculum, including remote users from other parts of Asia and around the world. According to FutureGov Asia, the school has even created a grant just for mobile app development to encourage growth in this area. Additional funds have also been set aside for other eLearning programs to supplement existing courses as well as future developments.

Developing multilingual courses creates unified education and training efforts, and opens a worldwide forum for sharing ideas. CSE Software Inc. can develop custom eLearning courses in more than 100 different languages on any topic and deliver the content via the Internet, PC or any mobile device.

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