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ASU recognized for eLearning efforts

By May 8th, 2012No Comments

A member of the Athens State University faculty has been recognized for his ongoing efforts to utilize and develop eLearning utilities.

Steve Clark, the director of academic and structural systems, was given a Catalyst Award from Blackboard Inc, and invited to attend an upcoming networking event, according to the Athens, Alabama News-Courier. He created the Alabama Community College eLearning Symposium, where custom eLearning development and distance learning can be combined and educators discuss ideas for the program. For those students who may need to access mobile learning or distance solutions, these programs will allow them a new way to receive an education.

Professor Wendy Cowan was honored with a similar award as well. She worked on eLearning development that is now used in 17 different course sections and collaborated with nine other teachers and adjunct professors to create the program. Cowan also worked closely with the university's IT department to ensure successful implementation as the development process went on.

Both of the winners said collaboration was the inspiration for their work and proved integral to their success.

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