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Healthcare organizations can save valuable resources by automating business processes. In a nutshell, this means using computer software applications to conduct workflow. Employees and staff can work more efficiently and consistently with the help of software and spend time focusing on more high-value tasks.

Take business process automation a step further and have a web application developed to provide users the ability to access processes via the internet and from multiple locations. In addition to reducing labor costs, an automated process can also improve security, tracking and compliance. Every business process from accounts payable, to nurse scheduling to equipment management can be automated to save resources.

Manual workflow processes can lead to problems with security, as well as the obvious human error factors. Healthcare organizations need reliable and secure applications to hold and access patient data. In addition, organizations need the ability to adjust quickly to demand of services and scale to meet those needs. Because the healthcare industry is so heavily regulated, it’s important that any business processes comply with all state and federal regulations. An automated process ensures that all steps are followed consistently every time.

Automated processes have many benefits:

  • Streamline operations. An automated process will eliminate paperwork and boost productivity.
  • Reduce costs. In addition to reducing labor costs, paper costs and storage space (cost per square foot) are also saved.
  • Audit ready. An automated process can provide an audit trail of who accessed or modified data and when.
  • Improve visibility. Automation can be presented via dashboards to improve reporting, planning and decision making.
  • Protect data. Protect sensitive patient data and stay in compliance. An automated application can still control who is allowed access to what and when. Here are some types of information often at risk for a security breach:
    • Personal information, such as social security numbers and date of birth.
    • Clinical information like prescriptions or treatments.
    • Financial data, as in payment details.
  • Cross departments & systems. Automation can tie together multiple departments and business systems. It can also eliminate multiple databases.

Automating business processes can lead to a more efficient and financially healthy organization.


CSE Software can help your organization automate business processes to save resources and stay in compliance. Contact Casey Messenger at 1.309.202.2587 today to find out how CSE can help your organization save costs, secure data and improve productivity.