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Changing workplace practices make custom eLearning development more important than ever

By March 23rd, 2012No Comments

The rapid advance of technological capabilities has made many industries quite efficient and streamlined. At the same time, this quick progression has rendered several practices obsolete. This is unfortunate for older employees who lack recent schooling because expertise can sometimes be valued more highly than experience, even though both are very important.

One industry in which this is the case is law. The practice of eDiscovery (or electronic discovery) involves researching and studying electronic documents and records in preparation for a civil or criminal lawsuit. One in three American lawyers plan to increase their use of and spending on eDiscovery, according to a survey by Robert Half Legal Services. This indicates that law firms, among other organizations, could substantially benefit from the adoption of custom eLearning development software.

Some of the most skilled and talented attorneys and clerks might be unfamiliar with eDiscovery concepts. This puts law firms in the uncomfortable position of not trusting some of their best employees with essential and sensitive work. This is a situation that can be rectified by having tenured personnel complete eLearning development programs to teach them modern concepts and new technology such as eDiscovery.

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