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Cloud technology can make eLearning less expensive and more accessible

By January 30th, 2012No Comments

One of the best things about custom software development is the fact that it's extremely portable. Companies can purchase CDs or access download mirrors and put different programs they've designed on a variety of devices and machines. This ensures that a wide range of personnel can be quickly trained and prepared for work tasks shortly after they've been transferred or hired.

Interestingly, recent technology developments have made it even easier for companies to give trainers and trainees access to mobile development training or other types of applications that will teach them important skills. The cloud refers to any collection of remote servers that companies pay to access, giving them memory and data that doesn't need to be saved to an onsite computer hard drive.

This is helpful because it makes eLearning software easy to download, but it also lets worker scores, progress and data be saved in a remote file. No matter where staff members are undergoing training, overseers can gauge how well they're doing and what they need to work on. It also means telecommuting or remote workers can start training before they ever even set foot in a work facility.

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