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Mobile Learning

Combine training and work with mobile app development training

By March 21st, 2012No Comments

Some companies may find they can't afford training sessions. Many may prefer to keep new hires in classrooms before they're ready to perform work tasks, but most businesses need to conduct training during a typical work day. Fortunately, such busy organizations can turn to mobile development training to help ease the transition from trainee to veteran staff member.

Medical residents, or doctors in training, are seen at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They often share doctors' work responsibilities, but they're also present so they can learn their craft. Many are finding that tablets and other mobile devices can improve their efficiency at providing medical services and being instructed in their particular specialties. In fact, a study by the University of Chicago found that residents were saving up to an hour a day on tasks thanks to tablet PCs.

Employers that want to put their new hires to work and train them for future tasks should consider using mobile development training. This gives employees the chance to learn between activities and work tasks. It also ensures that busy facilities such as hospitals don't have to sacrifice productivity for education. Instead, the two can go hand in hand and will be more effective when combined as one.

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