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Construction program builds itself up

By June 12th, 2012No Comments

Associated General Contractors (AGC) provides resources for national and local construction companies, contractors and those in the industry. In order to enhance its reach with vital educational tools, AGC's California chapter is now using eLearning development to offer these tools through its website.

"Our members are often extremely busy, or working in remote areas," AGC California's CEO Tom Holsman told The San Francisco Chronicle. "They need a highly trained workforce now more than ever. [This] allows us to offer the best in construction management training in the most efficient possible manner."

Traditional classrooms have always been the forum for AGC training in the past, and yet this move to eLearning development for the California regional arm isn't the first of AGC's satellites to implement this strategy – Vermont, Tennessee and Colorado already use similar technology, said Holsman. These courses are available on laptops as well as smartphones thanks to mobile app development according to the Chronicle, giving these modules far more accessibility than older, conventional methods. Classes offered on various key aspects of construction law and management therefore are as uniform across regions as possible therefore to create an industry-wide standard.

Continual training and education makes better employees, particularly in industries like construction that must continuously train on safety awareness. CSE Software Inc. has a strong background in safety training and works with the latest technology in eLearning and mobile app development. CSE can develop short eLearning modules or more in-depth classes on any topic for any industry. Best of all, material can be delivered via Internet, PC or any mobile device.

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