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Contain Electronic Media to Prevent Loss & Misuse

By March 27th, 2013No Comments

Have you experienced the frustration of searching for corporate electronic media and being unable to locate it easily? If your company spends a lot of money and time acquiring or creating electronic media for business, then having a secure and centralized online storage system is a must.

CSE Software Inc. can develop an electronic media center to organize and securely store all your corporate images, documents and video. Access to the system can be controlled with a scalable corporate web security layer to fit your business needs. For example, entering of media can be controlled to authorized persons while searching and retrieval of media can be offered to all users. Further security can be applied to individual media as needed.

Create complete media records containing detailed metadata and characteristics as well as attachment of uploaded files. Users can perform searches on the media and retrieve records for viewing or downloading as needed. Search criteria can be flexible and simple, such as a keyword or title search; or more complex, combining multiple parameters and any combination in between. For example, search by media type, click on the desired record from the results list and view a complete description containing the product type and details as well as a download link. The media record details may also contain any usage restrictions, provider contact information, what file types and sizes the image is available in, and more.

The CSE development team can help you define your needs and requirements and customize a secure and easy-to-use media center. Take the frustration and fear out of storing and accessing product images, designs, videos and documents. Store thousands of media assets and find them readily available anytime your staff needs access. CSE Software can create a safe source to keep your media from being lost, stolen or misused. Contact Chris Thompson today at 1.309.670.7595 for a quote.