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Creating a mobile suite works well for all employees

By August 6th, 2012No Comments

One of the leading technology trends in the workplace is toward more mobile device integration, spawning a new age of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and other initiatives. These save money for the organization, as they don't have to spend money on buying new computers or maintaining them, and increases mobility and flexibility for employees, as they can work from anyplace they can connect to the internet.

Businesses should also try and dominate on this switch in work styles by coming up with training solutions that fit the new corporate culture. If momentum is building toward remote and distant work, there's no need to force workers back into the office for mandatory training if the organization invests in mobile app development training instead. These solutions are cost- and time-effective, increasing the likelihood of success and information retention by fitting into the schedules and patterns of an employee's life, rather than the other way around.

Learning with mobile

The future of iPhone app development continues to expand as the company keeps gaining a larger market share with each launch. The inundation and proliferation of smartphones is also on the rise, with mobile phone carriers already dominating the American population. Because every person is likely to have a device handy at all times now, it makes sense for teaching opportunities to arise there as well.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that in some local schools are already reaping the benefits of the mobile app development programs. They are learning not just through mobile devices, but how to build applications on them, too. Part of a program offered by the University of California Berkeley, these students came from across the state of California to participate in a hands-on, in-depth training experience to familiarize participants with mobile learning applications.

These opportunities educate the upcoming generation on the utility and functions of such mobile software, as well as preparing them to move into careers in the mobile app development field. More importantly, even those who don't enter such paths will be more accustomed and receptive to mobile app training, as they will already be well-acquainted with the methods therein.

Building better learners

These programs will make for better-informed users who will be more willing to use mobile training apps and other kinds of custom training software in the future. In fact, they may come to expect it in leading corporations, so finding technology solutions now and understanding how to best implement them can help keep a business at the top of its field.

ZDNet wrote that one of the best ways of getting a mobile app development at your company is to outsource the task to someone in the know. By doing so, companies can save money by getting the best result the first time around, partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable resource that can design solutions more quickly and easily than trying to struggle through an in-house build. Training programs like the one offered by Berkeley also highlight the need for third-party training, as even in that instance, students left their current learning institutions to gain a better understanding from a highly-respected, well-equipped source.

Your organization can gain the benefit of such mobile training development. CSE Software Inc. will explain the options available and design a custom solution that best works for your organization, technology and people – and within your budget. These solutions are cost-effective and provide enticement to the desirable job candidates that your company wants to hire. CSE can help make your company more competitive and cutting-edge, as well as better able to meet the demands of its workforce with the right mobile apps.

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