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CSE In Our Own Words: Custom Development

By September 11th, 2012No Comments

No two businesses are alike, and no single custom software development will work for all of them. Different companies have separate focuses, ideals and existing software, and they want to be sure that the investments they make are the right fit.

Pursuing custom software is therefore a popular solution with companies that know they need a tool but don't know what solutions are best for them, or even what kind of systems exist.

Working with clients

Every solution CSE Software Inc. creates is custom tailored to fit the business needs of the requesting client. Chris Thompson, an expert in custom development at CSE, says, "Reviewing existing software environments and IT requirements within an organization is the first step when determining the solutions that can best fit a company. It doesn't make sense to design a product that a business can't use."

CSE follows a methodical software development process with all clients: Define, Design, Develop and Deploy. During the initial design phase, Thompson explains, CSE identifies the customer’s requirements to gain a better understanding of their needs and/or problems. It could be automating a complicated process from a spreadsheet or creating an application with deployment on a global level.

Next, a working model is created that shows the general look and feel a system will have, so clients can view and interact with the program and make sure it fits with the client's vision. Once the specifics of the prototype have been negotiated and the company signs off on the design, the CSE programmers will produce a full-scale version of the software and prepare it for delivery.

Expecting turnover

There are many periods during the process where communication and review are performed. These Quality Assurance checks help produce a superior product. Thompson says, "The design process brings many different collaborators to the table, monitoring subject matter, resolving technical hurdles and ensuring the best possible end product for our clients."

The amount of time it takes for a project to move from design to deployment is dependent on the size and scope of the project. Every solution is custom crafted to fit the requests of the client. Timeliness is a hallmark of CSE Software, and clients are always included in discussions and kept up to date on the steps in the process.

Building diverse packages

Not all clients will want the same kinds of deployments, and CSE Software is able to meet the needs of these businesses, too. Mobile tools, online resources and custom simulations are all capable of being developed for companies that want to see more accessibility or functionality. Scaling up or down in terms of scope is also an option.

Many companies already have an idea of what they want before they come to CSE for a solution, but for those companies that need extra help defining their needs and finding the right solution, CSE is ready to guide them through the process. A business may not know the full range of products and services available for custom developed software, and not every solution will be appropriate, but learning the options and being malleable with plans is a great benefit of working with a collaborative group like the custom development team at CSE.

Contact Chris Thompson at 1.309.670.7595 or with any questions on CSE’s software development capabilities.