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CSE In Our Own Words: eLearning Development

By September 12th, 2012No Comments

Building an electronic learning environment should focus on the specific needs of the business seeking that opportunity. At CSE Software Inc., eLearning development is driven by the best interests of the client, including the features that a business wants to see most in a deployment. Engineering a custom training software solution that fits the requirements of industry-specific training, company-specific practices and compliance requirements make digital educational choices the most desirable options for companies looking for fast, flexible and consistent solutions to train their workforce.

Building a solution

Stacey Burris, an eLearning expert at CSE, says that the number of different companies that can benefit from eLearning development are endless. Every sector has initiatives that fit into a software setting, from healthcare and human services to construction and information technology. There are common standards of operation, personal care and safety, compliance, payroll and other programs at work that can fit into the general training of all workers, making eLearning deployment a sensible solution for unified education.

Mountjoy adds, "Finding sensible, flexible solutions that work at every level of an organization is ideal for saving money, dispensing educational information quickly and opening the door to better communication. Integrating these tools into human resources management systems can also help track progress, monitor problems and target learners in need of more assistance, creating better HR analytics for future reference."

An electronic form of learning material can go far beyond traditional, written textbooks and training journals. Video, audio, motion graphics and other forms of media can be integrated into an eLearning format for greater educational impact. Courses can be developed in multiple languages for companies that have a global footprint. Plus, delivering eLearning via PC, Internet or any mobile device means that companies can ensure continuity in employee training experiences, no matter where they are located. 

Forming a plan

Not every company that approaches CSE has a solid plan for eLearning development, but coming with a script and a set of goals is ideal, Mountjoy says. A project manager will handle communication for defining and planning different courses, setting up cost estimates and delivering updates on progress. A multimedia developer then builds the custom training software, a process that can take a few weeks or months, depending on the scale and intricacy of the package requested.

Once the eLearning courses are completed, Quality Assurance tests the suite and ensures everything is in good working order, before the client reviews the courses. Should issues or questions arise after that point, CSE Software provides support for all its clients to make sure that deployment goes smoothly and there are no issues with implementation.

What to expect

Bringing eLearning to the workplace can be a big transition for some businesses, but these shifts bring about major savings and benefits for the companies that employ them. Mountjoy explains that most companies see better content output in quality and quantity, as well as higher retention rates, after custom training has been implemented at an organization. "These programs provide ease of use and training cost reductions across the board while simultaneously making training employees at every level simpler, thanks to uniform understanding and communication of responsibilities and performance guidelines."

Businesses of all kinds can experience benefits with the right kind of targeted eLearning development that CSE Software is known for. If you are interested in similar programs to train and improve your employees but aren't sure what these programs could do for your business, contact CSE today for more information. They can let you know about a variety of services and tools that you may not even realize will be a boon to workers and revenue alike, saving money while creating a much more substantial return on employee investment.

To find out more about eLearning development, contact Stacey Burris at 1.309.670.7595 or email