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Mobile Development

CSE In Our Own Words: Mobile Development

By September 21st, 2012No Comments

One of the biggest trends in connectivity and business collaboration today is the use of mobile devices. Overall, employees would rather use smartphones and tablets than a laptop or PC, even when in the office. This further facilitates work on the go, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and similar initiatives for the full proliferation of the global marketplace. There is nowhere an employee can go with mobile learning tools that educational software and opportunities does not travel with them.

Facilitating this shift from standard PC to mobile device is CSE Software with mobile app development gauged toward smartphones and tablets with every operating system. Android and Apple share the majority of the market at this point, but businesses can have the option of developing apps that run across multiple devices when integrating into a BYOD enterprise. In any case, creating an app for a mobile device supported and provided by an organization is one of the best ways of building compelling, integrated and comprehensive training solutions.

A solution for all kinds

Nick Striegel, a member of CSE's mobile app development team, says that the variety of organizations seeking mobile learning initiatives for their organizations is ubiquitous. Hospitals, schools, construction firms and every kind of company in between benefit remarkably from mobile materials for training and educational purposes.

Striegel says, “CSE has been providing learning solutions for over 20 years, developing instructor-led, web-based and computer-based training.  As technology evolves, so does CSE.  With the increase in mobile use, more and more of our customers are looking to us to make their training solutions available on mobile devices. The process of mixing eLearning with mobile development is a natural fit for us.”

Creating an app that runs on a tool employees or students are already familiar with will boost the adoption rate on new software. It also helps that the level of ease and integration these utilities provide makes them attractive even to basic technology users. As the proliferation of BYOD increases in the corporate world and in schools, so will the need to make them more inclusive and flexible, including putting more resources into the palm of people's hands.

A natural fit

Companies already utilizing traditional eLearning solutions for the PC know how beneficial these programs can be to creating better-trained workers with higher productivity and engagement levels. These tools easily migrate to smartphones and tablets, or they can be made universally available, creating consistent training and education solutions for use in any environment.

The ways that mobile solutions can be employed make them valuable to the eLearning environment as well. A company can choose to create an entire suite just for a specific operating system, like Android or iPhone, or they can put guides and resources for eLearning tools into the mobile format, like eBooks, for later reference. These utilities can also be integrated into online solutions, boosting communication and interaction with others around the world, using the same kinds of custom training software.

Striegel shares, “It’s easier to integrate mobile solutions now than it’s ever been.  Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. JP Morgan predicts that over 650 million smartphones will be sold in 2012, and sales have increased over 50% each year over the last several years. Companies can take advantage of the fact that people already own mobile devices and develop training and educational apps for those devices to benefit their organization and users alike without the cost of the device added in.” 

Moving to mobile

The use of mobile learning solutions is on the rise in every industry today. As the economy waivers, businesses need better ways to teach employees without spending a huge amount of money, and mobile apps from CSE are flexible and cost-effective. These tools also realize a large return on investment quickly, as they can be placed on existing smartphones and tablets, made to work with a wide variety of different formats and much cheaper to maintain than traditional classroom teaching structures.

Striegel says. "People now expect to have instant access to content, and CSE can help get that content into their hands. From simple games or mobile learning courses, to complex applications and learning management systems, CSE has experience providing the right solutions for any organziation’s needs."

Contact Nick Striegel at or 1.309.670.7595 and ask for a mobile app development demo today!