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CSE In Our Own Words: Support

By September 18th, 2012No Comments

Running a business-to-consumer company can be challenging when it comes to delivering fast and friendly customer support on a budget. This can be even more challenging when you need technical support.

Any business that has deployed an application or simply needs a customer service presence should consider CSE’s Support Services. Companies, large or small, that need to have reliable people to answer calls and questions will want to engage the Service Desk Support Team at CSE. Our team has the technical prowess to learn software applications, healthcare information or simply the basics about your business that your customers may need to contact you for. Having the right customer service can be the difference between business success and failure. Plus, the CSE team is located in the U.S. but available 24 x 7 on a global level!

CSE has you covered
Andrea Lusher, manager of CSE's support staff, explains that when a new application is added for the Support team to cover, the suite has already been tested extensively to make sure everything is in working order before being rolled out to customers. The Support Team also familiarizes itself with the structure of modules and the intricacies of the programs to ensure people on both ends of the conversation understand the topics being discussed. Lusher says, “Most of the software that we support is for a third party. The business owns the software applications and will provide training to their customers. They then contract with us to provide hands-on support so that customers can get additional assistance when needed.”

The response methods for Service Desk Support are varied to meet the preferences of any business. Email and phone assistance are available whenever needed, be it to answer simple questions or work out larger tech support problems. Companies of all sizes can experience the need for customer service from time to time and CSE’s Support Team is a great option to keep valuable customers happy. Lusher says, “We are able to assist any sized company from a Mom and Pop store to a Fortune 500 company.  We have fielded calls for a company regarding a postcard marketing blast as well as worldwide, 24×7 Support for a ‘Quote to Shipping’ SAP program.” 

Built-in assistance
Whenever a new solution is rolled out, the Service Desk Support staff at CSE Software is ready and able to help companies better understand and implement these tools. For ease of use and comprehension, customer requests for assistance are something that Service Desk Support expects and is there to handle. Lusher assures, “CSE is flexible and able to staff projects as needed, no matter what time of year.  We bill the customer based on time spent working on a call, therefore you will only pay for what is needed.”

Never be afraid to go to the source for the best possible customer service, as these individuals have specialized training and understanding of your software specifically to assist in the event that you need it. Beyond software, the Support team at CSE can give you the customer service you need to look your best in front of your customers at all times.

Contact Andrea Lusher at 1.309.670.7595 or email for more information on CSE’s Support services.