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Peoria, Ill.—CSE Software™ Inc. is pleased to announce that its Serious Gaming and Simulation team has developed new simulation software to teach heavy equipment operators how to operate an Excavator in a city building environment.

The narrow confines of city blocks makes it challenging for heavy equipment operators to complete applications without running into vehicles, material piles or other obstacles. Finding skilled operators is a challenge for many businesses, due to the shortage of skilled tradespeople. The Advanced Construction Excavator simulation addresses training needs and teaches the same techniques found on worksites around the world. CSE’s simulation includes exercises that teach Control Familiarization, how to perform a Walkaround for safety and maintenance, two Maneuvering exercises, Trenching and Pipe Installation, Digging Footings, Clearing Debris Piles, and Bench Loading. Open Training in each exercise offers opportunities for additional practice and skill refinement. Additionally, Grade Control is available in each training exercise, to increase the value of the simulation.

“We’ve watched the trends and heard from our customers – there is a real need for skilled operators.  Proper training is a critical step in closing the skills gap. Cat Simulators new Advanced Construction Excavator addresses the need for training skilled operators in the construction industry,” says CSE Software President, Ken Pflederer.

The simulated machine is based on an actual Caterpillar Excavator. CSE’s 3D programmers and physics engineers work together to ensure that the simulated machine’s physics respond/react realistically to the environment and terrain interaction. Results of simulation sessions can be recorded and reported for user feedback. Actual OEM controls are utilized in tandem with the software and a motion system for a full training experience. The software is available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

The Advanced Construction Excavator simulation software is developed for Simformotion™ LLC, the licensee for Cat® Simulators for Caterpillar Inc. In addition to the Advanced Construction Excavator, CSE has developed a number of other simulations for heavy equipment, business and the healthcare industry. See other simulation projects at