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CSE Software Inc. Develops Kamikaze Karp™ Game with Chris Brackett

By November 18, 2014 No Comments

Peoria, IL – CSE Software, an IT company known for fun and creative thinking with technology, has teamed up with outdoor sportsman, Chris Brackett. Host and star of the TV shows, Fear No Evil and Arrow Affliction, Brackett is now featured as the bowfisherman in Kamikaze Karp™, a new mobile game.

Follow Brackett along the shores of the river where fish are flying everywhere. Test your own bowhunting skills as you target the crazy carp one after another! Hit the fish and turn them into coins to gain points. Exploding arrows and other weapons are available to destroy the carp. Visit the Booyah bait shop for cool game upgrades. Post your status on Facebook and challenge your friends!

Asian carp have invaded the waterways of U.S. Rivers, lakes and tributaries and caused real damage to people, fish and other wildlife. Once imported to control snails and other small organisms, several species of Asian Carp quickly took over and traveled far enough to cause a major disruption to ecosystems. They are large fish and can grow to weigh more than 100 lbs. They jump out of the water when disturbed and can hit boaters and fisherman hard enough to knock them down. One way to remove the predators is to hunt them. It’s exciting and takes skill to hit the flying fish with a bow and arrow. Bracket should know, he invented the sport! The Kamikaze Karp app lets you take aim and test your skills in a fun game of man against carp. Hunt as many carp as possible and help clear the waterways of the frightening fish.

Download the Kamikaze Karp game for free at the Apple App Store or Google Play. Fear No Evil and Arrow Affliction can be seen on the Outdoor Channel. Check local listings for times.


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