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Peoria, Ill—The CSE Software Inc. Serious Gaming and Simulation team has developed new software for training to operate a Small Wheel Loader.


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The Small Wheel Loader is a versatile machine that can perform many different operations from stockpiling dirt to loading or unloading pallets. It has a number of work tool attachments that can be changed, depending on the use desired. The Small Wheel Loader can be found at construction sites and retail operations around the world. With CSE’s simulation software, users can learn to safely operate the actual machine by practicing and mastering skills in a virtual environment, including changing work tool attachments. The software features multiple training exercises such as how to perform a machine Walkaround, Controls Familiarization, Driving, Hauling, Loading and Carrying, Stockpiling, Truck Spotting and Loading, Backfilling with the commercial and multipurpose buckets, Carrying Objects with the multipurpose bucket, Quick Coupler operation, Unloading Pallets with the forks work tool and also includes a special Open Training mode.

The simulated machine is based on an actual Caterpillar Wheel Loader. CSE’s 3D modelers and texture artists create the simulated machine by using Cat engineering drawings to make it as exact a replica as possible. The machine exercises are based on the same applications that operators perform on real-world worksites. CSE’s 3D programmers and physics engineers work together to see that the simulated machine’s physics respond/react realistically to the environment, maneuvers and terrain interaction. The software is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese.

The Small Wheel Loader simulation software is developed for Simformotion™ LLC, the licensee for Cat® Simulators for Caterpillar Inc. As used herein, “Simformotion” means Simformotion LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. In addition to the Small Wheel Loader, CSE has developed a number of other simulations for heavy equipment and the healthcare industry.


CSE Software can develop simulations for any machine or process and in any industry. Contact Stacey Burris, 1.309.670.7595 for a software demo or inquiries.