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CSE Software® Inc. is proud to announce certification as an Illinois women-owned small business, by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services. The 30-year-old technology company develops enterprise software solutions and training solutions for industries such as healthcare, construction, mining, forestry and agriculture.

CEO and President Renee Gorrell co-owns CSE Software along with business partner Lara Aaron. Together the two have spearheaded the company’s commitment to create more opportunities for women in technology. Receiving certification from the state of Illinois in another milestone in the company’s proud history.

CSE offers software, simulation, AR/VR, mobile and web development; plus U.S.-based help desk services. CSE is a leader in the state of Illinois in developing simulation and VR training. Simulation training allows learners to practice and master techniques and procedures in the safety of the virtual environment. Learners can develop skills from critical thinking to motor skills and more.

To become certified in the Illinois Business Enterprise Program, businesses must be at least 51% owned and controlled by persons who are minority, women or designated as disabled. They must be United States citizens or resident aliens and companies must not gross more than $75 million annually.

The Business Enterprise Program is committed to fostering an inclusive and competitive business environment that will help business enterprises increase their capacity, grow revenue, and enhance credentials.