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In a strategic partnership between CSE Software Inc. and OSF Healthcare at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, CSE has developed simulation training for an infusion pump device. Using an interactive mobile app designed by CSE Software, hospital professionals will learn the proper operation of the Smart Pump and an overview of the supporting software program used for patient safety. The actual pump has a built-in computer and it is constantly collecting and monitoring data. The system helps improve patient safety and reinforces best practices. Through the simulation of this device, OSF can ensure training on the infusion pump is delivered consistently and efficiently to personnel.

Renee Gorrell, Vice President of CSE Software and Nick Striegel, Multimedia Developer, demonstrated the new app during tours held at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center dedication and blessing ceremony. Smart Pump simulation training at Jump will lead to better patient care. The ability to train with realistic tools and environments ensures that medical professionals learn the same techniques as they will use in a real-world medical situation. CSE Software Inc. is proud to be a partner in this endeavor with OSF Healthcare.

In addition to simulation and mobile development, CSE also develops eLearning/mLearning and custom software for business applications. Additionally, the company offers help desk support for businesses worldwide. CSE’s expertise crosses many industries, including healthcare.

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Nick Striegel, Multimedia Developer at CSE Software Inc. and nurse scholar Cassandra Kurtz demonstrate the new Smart Pump app developed by CSE.