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DARPA is looking for new medical training

By May 8th, 2012No Comments

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced an open call to game and Apple developers to help engineer new medical training software.

This new custom eLearning development program looks to recruit game designers to build a real world teaching tool for Navy training purposes. Their goal is to give personnel a simulation experience with everything from creating and applying tourniquets, stopping bleeding in different regions of the body, basic human physiognomy and responding to emergency medical situations. The training is aimed at medics, paramedics and other Navy medical personnel.

Backed by the Pentagon, DARPA is pursuing unique simulation development to facilitate teaching this kind of intensive material. By creating an interactive format like this, they also want to explore mobile app development for first responders in the field who may not otherwise have access to the programs or who may need a refresher course. These programs would take conventional classroom simulations and add the extra element of real skills training by engaging students in a new and more comprehensive way.

The Pentagon has requested all program bids by June 27 with no decision date yet announced.

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