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Disaster preparedness through learning strategies

By May 11th, 2012No Comments

Healthcare professionals need to be ready and able to handle a crisis at any time. Their line of work leaves them vulnerable to types of disasters that regular classroom curriculum may not cover, but eLearning development can provide them with necessary skills.

An upcoming online training program will focus on bioterrorism and disaster situations for doctors, nurses, and even healthcare administrators. All levels of medical staff need to know how to handle major influxes of potentially terrified or very ill patients, be it on the floor working to stabilize victims, or making sure hundreds of medical records are properly completed and accounted for.

The program, offered free through Health Care Compliance Strategies, looks at both natural and man-made catastrophes. Concerns about things like bird flu and terrorist attacks on large cities and government offices are still circulating in the news. The Department of Homeland Security is even testing airflow patterns in some subway systems to test new biochemical sensors according to CBS. If other groups are taking preventative steps to circumvent a crisis, it makes sense that eLearning development training courses for similar scenarios should be pursued for those responsible to manage the human fallout.

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