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Diverse industries benefit from eLearning for a variety of reasons

By January 18th, 2012No Comments

It might seem like eLearning is only useful for some sectors of the economy, but that kind of opinion can be very misleading. In fact, quite a few industries are finding that training that's aided by technology and mobile devices is very valuable, and not just for unique and strange reasons. In fact, many of the benefits of eLearning are far-reaching and can be applied to different parts of the national workforce.

For example, market research firm Atlas recently surveyed oil and gas companies to gauge their opinions and usage patterns of eLearning software. It turns out that many firms were pleased with the effect the technology had had on their operations. In fact, 41 percent were impressed by the reduction in the costs traditionally associated with training classes and seminars.

Additionally, 35 percent reported they had significantly reduced the amount of time it took for personnel to prove competence. Another 23 percent were blessed with improved overall staff satisfaction while 20 percent had improved customer satisfaction levels. These figures are not just indicative of large industrial companies, although eLearning development is useful in those kinds of industries. Instead, all companies can realize the benefits of customized training software.

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