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Education reform and eLearning development

By April 30th, 2012No Comments

The 21st century classroom is transforming, with learning moving away from the chalkboard and onto digital platforms. Young teachers entering classrooms today may find it difficult to believe that they are joining the same profession as Socrates. Old methodologies of class lectures, fact memorization and book learning are being replaced with computer applications, online content and digital presentations.

However, there is friction between educators and software specialists when it comes to the benefits of online learning – particularly on the topic of assessment. Educators should work in partnership with custom software development companies to develop integrated models for eLearning, targeting a range of learners and implementing assessment management software to ensure that learning goals are being met in online learning environments.

New York City Chancellor of Education Joel Klein spoke with Margaret Spellings, a previous US Secretary of Education at the first New York Ideas Conference in April 2012. The conversation highlighted the benefits of eLearning for students sharing knowledge, developing lifelong learning strategies by access to learning environments from any location and the ability for students to adapt technologies to their own learning styles.

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