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Ensure internship training is swift and detailed with eLearning development

By April 5th, 2012No Comments

Hiring interns is an excellent way for companies to acquire additional productivity without bringing on more full-time workers. Interns typically receive college or university credit or nominal pay, so businesses can get help on minor projects without assistance from full-time employees.

However, that doesn't mean businesses won't need to acclimate interns to some workplace practices. Devoting a large amount of time and resources to training these staff members defeats the purpose of hiring them, so it might be best to use custom eLearning development to introduce them to a workplace.

These programs are perfect for internships because they're conducted quickly and don't take away time from the activities that these personnel were brought in to perform. Additionally, the specialization available to help prepare them for the real world can be used to teach them all sorts of things, from the best way to operate office equipment to the structure of the company they'll soon be serving.

The use of custom software application development within an internship program also benefits the interns. Their low salaries or lack of compensation may be remedied by the fact that they'll gain valuable experience during the course of their time with an organization. Going through an eLearning training program can often help attract the best candidates for an internship.

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