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Entertainment is an important component of eLearning

By January 16th, 2012No Comments

Employee training and educational seminars are often labeled as boring. New recruits may be excited to have been hired, but they don't always look forward to the hours they need to spend sitting through training demonstrations and lectures. Even the most diligent workers can find their attention waning, which undermines the time, effort and resources put into training sessions.

This is one reason that eLearning software can be so effective and helpful for companies.  ELearning has a high degree of interactivity that makes it more interesting than the typical didactic methods that seminars use when they don't have technology and mobile devices available.

A lot of the enjoyment comes from the challenge that eLearning presents. Students have been shown to perform better when they're challenged to complete a task or learn a new technique that's presented to them via digital media, so they're likely to invest a good deal of time and energy toward both learning information and tasks as well as the challenges that eLearning programs put before them.

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