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Establish workplace social media policies using custom software development

By March 21st, 2012No Comments

Workplace training can no longer only focus on tasks employees need to complete. There are so many ancillary tasks and pressures put on modern employees that employers often need to address these secondary concerns. One of the most important is the use of social media, both on the job and in reference to specific companies. Businesses should establish firm workplace social media policies, and they can instruct workers on those guidelines using custom software development.

First, employers ought to outline exactly how social media should be used during work hours. Some companies can't afford to have employees using Facebook or Twitter for productivity reasons. Other organizations, such as those that deal with medical or financial records, need to restrict internet usage in the workplace for legal reasons.

Social media practices also need to be outlined because they affect employee treatment of their employers on online platforms. For instance, supervisors need to make it clear to personnel they either aren't supposed to mention their employers by name on Facebook or can't do so in a negative fashion. 

Custom eLearning development can help to illuminate social media practices because it can be used whenever there is free time in a worker's day. That way, something seemingly as trivial as social media policies can be shared without taking time away from other tasks. Additionally, apps and programs can be used to instruct via mobile devices, making it possible to teach lessons and give concrete examples.

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