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Mobile Development

Extend your instructional capabilities with mobile development training

By March 9th, 2012No Comments

If your company is in need of atypical training, traditional classroom models might not be the best choice. There's nothing wrong with that rubric, but some industries lend themselves to off-site instruction, firsthand experience and work in the field. If that's the case, it might be time to invest in mobile app development. Consider the following types of functions mobile tools can facilitate.

Field trips
They may seem like the domain of early education, but field trips can serve a valuable function. When workers can see operations and facilities first hand, they'll better understand how they correspond to a company's operations. Use mobile app development training during the trip to reinforce information.

It's very rare for any sort of instruction to not include some kind of classroom session. Unfortunately, workers who have been out of school for some time might have trouble taking notes and concentrating during a lecture. Offer podcasts that employees can consult later. This reinforcement can improve data retention and is available at any time.

On-demand documents
When companies provide training literature, organizing the materials can be daunting to many employees. If document organization isn't part of a worker's job description, don't pile it on top of the other information they need to learn. Online service can help people study mobile development training.

Flexible time tables
Many free moments can be used for training. If there's ever a lull in company production or a free hour or two at the end of a day, there's no reason not to pick up where the last training session finished. Use iPhone app development or similar tools to start lessons when instructors feel it's appropriate.

Progress and grades
Tracking an employee's training program progress is important because it allows supervisors to judge who is prepared and who needs more instruction. Sharing this information with managers, teachers and workers is easier with mobile technology. Keep reports, grades and other important information available on mobile devices and  other technology used for mLearning. 

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