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Fixing the problem of the under-qualified

By June 19th, 2012No Comments

For some employers the problem of hiring isn't so much linked to a lack of money or recruitment efforts. Instead, the specialized skills they need in a new hire aren't being taught at the university level, or those with the ability set they need aren't applying to job postings.

Rather than searching fruitlessly for months on end for a job-seeker that may not exist, pursuing custom software development like that offered by CSE can help you create a training program that gives new hires exactly the education your company needs. Not only that, but you can better ensure a thorough and high-quality job, as the new candidate won't have any bad habits to unlearn or predisposition toward the task.

Hiring smart

This qualification problem is something that affects both big and little businesses alike. As long as a position requires specialization, it's possible to find a lack of candidates at your disposal.

This has become a particular problem for some sectors of the IT field. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, there is going to be a dire lack of people trained in big data and backup memory structures. These forms of information storage are essential to businesses creating, maintaining and producing infrastructure and programs, maintaining business continuity and carrying out day-to-day functions.

Using eLearning development like that offered by CSE Software Inc. can help these companies create programs that will develop necessary skills to keep their information assets well protected and serviced.

Supply and demand

Other sectors like healthcare and natural materials expansion not only require specific knowledge but will face an employment shortage due to heightened demand.

IBISWorld reported that nurses and doctors will still be graduating at the same rate in the coming years but the demand for their services will increase and result in greater demand. The nursing sector has been broken down into specific skill sets and made more generalized in order to get the most number of people working in that profession, but specialized training is necessary for those looking to be better informed and meet compliance and regulation standards.

Custom training software can easily be created for these professional services industries to assist with educating and improving the existing workforce. It will also allow these companies to recruit those without the exact skill specifications and train them in their prefered methods.

Popular internal science

The good news is that more companies are seeing success with establishing their own in-house training programs. Silk Road released a study showing that companies that invested in and maintained their own eLearning development of employee skills saw improved worker performance across the board.

The study also showed that in larger businesses like Wal-Mart – who use custom training software for all their workers at every level of the company – having conformity and solidarity of mission cut costs, reduced turnover and strengthened employee loyalty. Even though not every job seeker came to the company with a college degree, the training programs were effective in giving all workers the same footing in their respective positions.

Investing in custom training software like that offered by CSE Software Inc. will give a business the flexibility and freedom to hire more candidates and train them to required specifications. It will also help them create a uniform culture by providing existing employees with structured guidance on how to carry out day-to-day tasks and meet certain standards.

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