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Florida school asks for eLearning development funds

By May 24th, 2012No Comments

The State College of Florida is requesting additional budget allocations to dedicate to its growing online eLearning development programs.

The school cited online enrollment, which tripled since its eLearning program took off in 2008, so those involved with custom software development at the college wants $875,000 from the regular budget to go to more improvements in the online system in addition to what they've previously received.

"[Online learning] is what students want, said the school's vice president of administrative services Carol Probstfeld. She discussed the dropping physical enrollment numbers and comparative spike in remote education in an interview with the Bradenton Herald recently. "To the extent that they're not getting it here, they're going to get it somewhere else."

This push for online learning is a strong sign that students are looking to make the most of their education on their own terms. The drive for custom training software here will familiarize young people with online learning and teaching methods that they will hopefully bring with them when they move to the workplace, making it a more welcome tool for employers who are looking to save money. The college presently believes that the additional investment in custom training software will help them attract and retain more students, making it a sound investment.

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