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Fully-functional maritime simulator development launched

By October 31st, 2012No Comments

Building and steering boats is difficult for those without proper training. With the help of thorough simulator development and other custom training software, the boating industry could see a revitalization in terms of how many skilled hands they can count on. Just as with any other specialized job title, having these hands-on options available may help businesses develop a staff of well-trained workers – and could also increase hiring potential for the sector as a whole.

Maritime immersion
In the past, getting a position on-board a vessel meant having years of experience and other training, but for those just entering the profession, it would have been difficult to acquire these skills. Now, as Western Wards Gazette wrote, some companies have decided to pick up on modern technology and build simulator developments that provide this training to seamen before putting them on deck.

The source stated that the Warash Maritime Academy had installed a full-scale mission room simulator to provide trainees with all the physical equipment and computer programs they would be expected to understand and interact with in a real pilothouse or bridge. The suite incorporates 3D computer projections, sound effects and interactive workstations that immerse participants in realistic situations where they need to know how to prevent disasters, handle emergencies and go through regular diagnostics and procedures.

Interactive boating
Private companies have also found the value in acquiring simulator development for their staff. The Maritime Executive stated that Power Conversion, a subsidiary of GE, had partnered with the Arab Academy of Science to open a boat simulator for its employees in Abu Qir, Egypt. The simulator focuses on dynamic positioning controls and other specific systems available within their fleet. This will give both new employees and experienced hands a training tool to assist in refreshing their systems knowledge.

Any business can acquire a simulator for its staff. The experienced simulation development team at CSE Software Inc. can help you define your needs and develop a training simulator to save costs and improve safety for your company. Creating physical representations of specialized equipment can improve the performance of those at every experience level can vastly benefit businesses in any sector.

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