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Give workers the chance to telecommute with eLearning development

By January 30th, 2012No Comments

One of the most interesting trends in the commercial world is the rise in telecommuting. Whereas workers once had to be present and onsite at all times to complete tasks, more and more organizations are finding that its easier to let some employees work from home. The advantages come from reduced travel expenses, lower equipment costs and modified payment structures when staff members are actually considered freelancers.

However, one troubling remnant of traditional workplace operation that needs to be addressed is training. Employees may have experience, but they don't necessarilly have the proper skills to succeed at particular jobs or activities. Therefore, some workers need to either begin their employment onsite or spend an inordinate amount of time in an office or at a facility before they can telecommute again.

Thankfully, custom software development can be used to create programs that will ensure fully trained employees from any distance. Companies can decide which tasks are essential for personnel to perform (as well as which basic tasks this requires) and create eLearning development tools that can be used at any location a candidate might be found at.

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