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Going global with targeted mobile learning

By October 26th, 2012No Comments

Creating innovative learning solutions for all ages can be challenging, but such resources are essential to schools moving toward acquiring more flexible teaching tools. As online training courses thrives at the college level, companies and educational institutes alike are trying to make the best use of devices participants already own to track the popularity first of PCs and laptops, and now trying to bend these utilities to fit with smartphones and tablets. In the realm of mobile learning, these devices are making teaching opportunities more proliferate than ever.

This isn't only true in terms of where a student chooses to carry a phone – it has allowed international opportunities to flourish as well. With the mobile device market booming around the world, companies and colleges are seeing more global participation in mobile app development training. The trick is figuring out which devices will have the most success with strategic deployments.

Around the world in MBps
Streaming information to mobile learning applications makes these programs accessible to any tool with a network connection. This is boosting the signal on collaboration and overall educational opportunities, but only when the right devices are in play. According to Wired, making note of which systems and tech toys are most prevalent in the consumer sphere will also help strategize how to launch app development programs.

The source stated that designers need to be aware that as the marketplace for mobile training grows, the diversity of connecting devices will also perpetually change. Right now Android has the largest overall share of the consumer field, manufacturing nearly half of globally owned smartphones and tablets, but Apple is a strong second and highly favored among specific populations. Designing a resource that only works with one of these tools will exclude the other by default, and some companies may not know how to launch for both kinds of devices, let alone know this is an option.

CSE Software Inc. can help make decisions like what platform to use when launching mobile learning to get the best visibility and reach. Creating a unique, intuitive program won't be as valuable or present as much return on investment unless a company also knows the best way to implement it, and CSE can help guide the way through this process.

International attention
In the past, computer courses were the norm for many agencies and entities, but now even children are being entrusted with mobile devices, they are showing up more at schools. It makes sense, then, that teachers and public school administrators are looking to mobile learning to make use of these devices by integrating educational benefits into the free hardware pupils provide of their own volition.

Appolicious wrote that educators are making use of programs like Skype and other existing apps to show kids information on everything from geography and world history to loan management and financial planning. As the source stated, there is no limit to the ways a mobile training app can be structured to fit the desires of a school or business. It matters most how these programs are implemented, and what consumers it can reach, with a global audience that is only limited by the way an app is designed.

The mobile development team at CSE Software can define and design a mobile app for education or entertainment, or deliver a consistent training experience to employees anywhere in the world via a mobile app.

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