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Mobile Learning

Harvard and MIT to offer free online courses

By May 2nd, 2012No Comments

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced a partnership that offers free online courses to millions of learners around the globe. This initiative, called edX, costs $60 million to pioneer and will be shared equally between Harvard and MIT. Institutions that want to integrate this platform to best meet the needs of students should think about the ways that custom mobile app development can take advantage of the available course materials.

Custom software development companies can work with institutions to customize mobile learning solutions, designing apps that target the specialized needs of the institution and its students. Students would be able to collaborate through Google Documents in order to prepare presentations. Further, they would be able to increase accessibility to both the edX materials and the applications in the institution's courses.

Harvard and MIT's partnership will make them leaders in free online learning. This is exciting for those who argue that eLearning solutions that interface with mobile devices will increase equity and accessibility to education. Software will be in place for courses that students decide to take for credit that will evaluate the effectiveness of the methodologies. To best take advantage of this learning style, mobile solutions should be fully integrated to meet learning outcomes. 

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