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How mobile app development can grow small businesses

By April 18th, 2012No Comments

Mobile apps have become some of the most important tools for individuals and businesses today. In the past few years, Instagram, Spotify and Angry Birds have all become not only household names, but also leaders in mobile application development. Apps exist to streamline workflow, allow access to files from remote locations and keep track of business expenditures. Small businesses now have opportunities through app development to bring all of their services one click away from clients' fingertips. Apps can also be used to target specific training outcomes and employees may access these modules repeatedly to increase facility within the company.

Entrepreneur Magazine offered data in a 2011 article that revealed nearly 45 percent of mobile phone users access applications. Businesses can take advantage of this by entering the mobile app market, offering user-friendly features and access to relevant services.

Business owners need to know their goals for the app before contacting a custom software development company. Apps can be designed to serve as freeware, offering coupons, discount codes and promotional offers for the company, or they can be a paid service. For example, a company that specializes in financial planning may wish to develop a subscription-based application that can organize financial figures, mark financial trends in the company, create earnings projections for investors and compile a variety of charts and graphs. It is crucial that a small business finds a market to corner that directly and simply puts the services of the company in the user's hands.

Businesses looking to enter into the app market shouldn't take on this kind of technical challenge alone. Working with a company that has a charted track record in iPhone or Android app development is crucial, as apps in their development stage often suffer from bugs that professionals have the experience to work out.

Mobile application development training can also be fostered by these apps if companies so choose. Whether to increase productivity within the company or to offer services to clients on a large scale, mobile apps are the latest mode for delivering information. Companies who embrace this rapidly advancing technology will see large gains in business growth, whereas those who refuse to change with the times may see a decline due to the demands of today's consumers.

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