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Human resources training takes an online turn

By June 5th, 2012No Comments

To keep up with certification requirements and lack of resources on the job, some HR professionals are turning to eLearning development to receive an education without breaking the bank.

Training for HR mental olympics

Human resources employees have a number of certificate programs available to them through the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). These programs help HR professionals prove that they have been in practice for a certain duration of time and have mastered key elements of payroll, management and legal aspects critical to their jobs.

Flexibility in participation

Training requirements may vary in difficulty and location. Californians have a different set of courses than practitioners in other states, meaning eLearning development could offer general classes for both in- and out-of-state participants. However, eLearning development can also cater to both groups at reasonably low cost. Some companies are taking advantage of this budget-friendly initiative already by incorporating mobile and eLearning solutions into their training methods.



Not all employers are assisting their HR professionals in getting the training they need. These businesses still stress the importance of certification, but budget or time restrictions could mean human resources employees may not receive the tools they need to meet basic SHRM or HRCI requirements to take any of the tests.

In these instances, eLearning development leader Richard Grimes notes other companies may want to construct custom training development that can be used by private individuals pursuing opportunities outside the scope of their own businesses.

Finding their way

"Companies are telling employees, 'You're on your own' when it comes to training that advances careers," Grimes said in an interview. "Employees must take the lead and align the skills they want to develop. There are plenty of…professionals who could benefit from…online courses."

There are affordable programs and custom training software available to businesses that will boost the return on employee investment, making it a worthwhile investment for employers. HR personnel can pursue educational opportunities through HRCI and SHRM if they want to accelerate the process.

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