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Improve orientations and employee introductions with eLearning development

By March 21st, 2012No Comments

Even as the economy recovers, workers may find themselves in many employment situations. It's no longer feasible for people to expect tenure at one organization or even with a single industry. Instead, many career switches and new skill sets are in store for most of the American workforce. As such, workplace training is important for personnel and their employers.

Formal orientations can be extraordinarily helpful for companies to introduce themselves and their mission statements to new workers. Unfortunately, not every company holds kickoff or launch events. In fact, an Accountemps survey revealed 34 percent of companies don't host job orientations for new hires.

If your organization's management doesn't believe the time or resources are available for orientations, think again. When run properly and supported with technology such as custom software development, these events can help organizations. Consider some of the following reasons.

Communicating values
According to Accountemps, 35 percent of companies that conduct formal orientations do so to give new employees an understanding of their organization's values, guidelines and expectations. This is easy enough to say to a group of new hires, but it is better to stress repetition to make these things clear. Use custom software application development to make an orientation the first portion of a training regimen that communicates these values.

Quickly contribute
Workers who are being oriented aren't yet contributing to their companies, which is why 20 percent of organizations surveyed by Accountemps ranked this function so highly. A formal event will engender employees with company practices and prepare them for the work they're soon going to perform on a daily basis. This is especially true for workers that have quickly begun receiving formal instruction thanks to custom eLearning development.

Feeling connected
The sooner employees understand they're important to a company's operations, the faster they'll feel at ease in their new work environment. This creates loyalty, another reason Accountemps said businesses may host orientations, and it is a significant tool for employers. This loyalty can encourage harder work and longer hours and also increase the prestige personnel may feel when they come into work and will make offering instruction, through the use of custom software development or other means, much easier.

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