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Outdated applications can pose significant risks and maintenance challenges. However, completely replacing them can be costly and time-consuming. Refactoring them may also come with its own set of expenses and limitations, hindering progress. The solution is Incremental Application Modernization.

The Solution

Our approach involves modernizing your application in small, manageable parts. Instead of abandoning the legacy application entirely, we maintain and gradually replace it with a modernized version. Both applications coexist in the same ecosystem and share the same URL. This is facilitated by Cloud technologies (Front Door) that can route between separate application services seamlessly. It is further supported by customer Single-Sign-On (SSO) tokens. With this approach, all new features are added exclusively to the Modern Application, avoiding any further burden on the the Legacy Application.

Incremental Modernization Benefits

  • Increased Efficiency: The dual-application approach means that all new updates or significant changes can be coded using a modern methodology in a prevalent language.
  • Improved Security: By implementing current best-practice technologies, applications benefit from active support in security patching.
  • Cost Savings: With incremental modernization, you can avoid costly refactoring expenses and reduce time spent on development and deployment.


If you are looking for an experienced technology partner to assist you with your application modernization and cloud-based solutions, CSE Software can help. Schedule a free consultation call with our experts to get started.