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International markets thriving on eLearning development

By November 8th, 2012No Comments

Around the world, the proliferation of computers and laptops is continuing to grow, along with the ubiquity of the internet. Few places lack complete access to online resources because personal computing devices are becoming a staple of all groups, regardless of demographics. With that in mind, these tools are helping more people receive an education than ever before thanks to the work of eLearning development initiatives.

Companies are looking for ways to cash in on these opportunities as remote markets newly inundated with technology seek out chances to increase their online potentials and learn new skills. Places like Eastern Europe and Africa, where penetration of teaching tools was previously shallow, are now forecast to be beds of educational growth over the next few years.

Learning from a distance
As resources become more widely available to those in lower-income communities, the reach of eLearning development continues to expand. This is good news for schools and the companies that help them engineer educational software, as these utilities are likely to reach a broader audience than ever before. Such opportunities not only enhance individual learning opportunities, they also enrich the quality of education for all participants by giving them a wider outlook on the world as a whole.

Some of these areas are in contested and developing countries where it might be difficult or dangerous for people to attend traditional classes. Others must deal with a lack of access to learning institutions. In any case, custom training software can help these students receive a quality education, so long as they have access to a computer.

Africa is one such continent where the introduction of eLearning development has meant the difference between even a basic education. Biz Community wrote that eLearning Africa 2013 is currently seeking contributors and bidders to assist in supplying outlying regions of nations within the continent with learning tools, including eLearning and mobile training implementations. The source stated that more than 10 different nations are seeking access to these programs, as their own infrastructures are not in place to create such useful resources.

Expanding markets
Just like in Africa, the rest of the world is primed for the positive effects of eLearning developments. As such, the financial picture of the industry is projected to grow rapidly over the next few years in specific parts of the world.

The Sacramento Bee wrote that Eastern Europe, a region that has areas of similar isolation and trepidation as Africa, has struggled to create its own eLearning institutions, and therefore is in the process of trying to purchase outside contracts and work with companies that already have this capability. The source stated that the market for such resources is projected to exceed $1 billion by the end of 2015, with accelerated growth continuing to propel the industry through the years beyond.

The transition of the area from an emerging market to one well-established in the global economy has heralded the need for such advanced teaching methods, the article reported. That's because some parts of Eastern Europe still present populations that are too thinly spread to warrant establishing their own systems, which makes it difficult for students to congregate at a single school. In order to assist with academic desires, save money and meet the needs of as many interested parties as possible, eLearning development presents a functional and practical solution for these problems.

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