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Judging eLearning via returns on investment

By February 6th, 2012No Comments

Many companies have already heard of the benefits of eLearning development and have evaluated the claims that producers of the software make. However, some have probably decided that what they perceive to be the high costs associated with that kind of investment simply aren't worth the advantages they suspect they can accumulate.

Interestingly, such organizations are probably not aware of how useful eLearning and digital education actually is. For example, Gizmodo reports that if President Obama's push to have American schoolchildren using digital eLearning within five years comes to pass, many subjects could be learned between 30 and 80 percent more quickly by pupils.

For some companies, such as those that see tremendous amounts of turnover at certain positions, such efficiency could be invaluable. If a business could reduce its training time by even 50 percent, it might be able to hire twice as many applicants for certain positions and increase the odds that the right people would be found. The value of custom software development is therefore not in the initial price, but in the return on investment that it usually provides.

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