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Learning isn’t the only advantage to using eLearning

By January 19th, 2012No Comments

Many companies that invest in eLearning software often think the only application these programs have for commercial purposes is to teach workers skills and information. While the systems usually excel at that task and will be used primarily for this purpose, there are other uses beyond simple education.

Demonstrations are easier to conduct when eLearning software is on hand. That's because the programs, which are designed to give employees, prospects and clients realistic experiences of potential features, tasks and processes, are immersive enough to see what the process or product is all about.

For example, a company that has designed a tool for making a particular part of an assembly line would be able to add the functionality and patterns of that tool into an eLearning platform designed to teach staff members about assemblage. Or if using for a sales presentation, potential prospects and clients can see the benefits and features of the tool, without visiting the assembly plant. A digital presentation travels much easier to trade shows, sales pitches and other situations in which a sample is needed.

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