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Learning on-the-go reaches farther with mobile apps

By August 14th, 2012No Comments

The inundation of mobile technology is such that almost every person in the U.S. has a cellphone, and half of them have access to a smartphone or tablet device. Such high numbers mean that more people are able to connect with one another and Internet wherever they are, and this flexibility has led to a new age of communications. It's also allowing businesses to send targeted advertising to shoppers, structure new sales techniques and change the very face of consumerism.

That's why more people than ever are looking for teaching tools to fit this new structure. In the past, these devices may have been viewed as a crutch between the PC and the unplugged world, but now with bigger screens, more computing power and the ability to interact with the world around us through the litmus of a smartphone, mobile app development for teaching purposes is starting to gain traction in a number of fields. Smaller and more powerful than ever, these tools are far more convenient to carry on the job and on trips than larger PCs and laptops.

Training the teachers

The first step in assimilating a new wave of learners to a teaching method is to start young and use it often. Schools are making use of mobile devices in the classroom as part of hybrid learning, as well as reference tools, seeing as students are carrying these devices on them anyway.

Some schools are directly integrating these tools into the classroom experience, according to Mercury News. The source stated that iPad app development had opened up teachers and students in grades kindergarten through six to a whole new way of participating and learning. Using Apple products alongside textbooks and other traditional teaching methods will enhance the learning experience and make kids more willing to participate, according to the source.

A slew of mobile apps have been created already for open source use, targeting math, science and English skills that every student will need. Similarly, CSE Software Inc. can create targeted applications to directly suit your business needs, driving mobile app development for your organization to encourage the best quality education for employees.

Corporate applications

The business world has already seen practical uses for this technology, as the industry has already begun bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and other mobile initiatives to encourage carrying the right technological tools while on the job. Companies can integrate technology seamlessly when it's as lightweight and easy to carry as smartphones and tablets, and more often than not employees already own the devices businesses want them to use, which saves them on deployment costs.

Daily News and Analysis wrote that more than 17 billion devices are currently connected to the online world. That's a vast number of people a single custom training software execution can reach, meaning the audience for these endeavors can be limitless. Some businesses that operate internationally or want to encourage a diverse workplace can make the most of this global perspective by taking advantage of the scope a training application can achieve.

National Geographic pointed out that on top of providing corporate leaders with insight and information at the tips of their fingers, it also allows organizations in less well-off countries to partake in mobile training apps, bringing them into the corporate culture. Young women especially in certain nations are getting training benefits that were previously unavailable to them due to cultural differences, but with a more integrated international presence, custom software for mobile devices is doing more to give everyone an equal chance.

Whether you need a mobile app for training employees or an app to educate clients and prospects, the development team at CSE Software can define and design the mobile app that will reach your desired audience.

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