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Make internal hires your greatest resource with eLearning development

By March 30th, 2012No Comments

Filling positions requires a considerable amount of time and energy. Recruiting perfect strangers means a rigorous series of resume audits and interviews need to be conducted, which isn't something every organization is equipped to perform. However, if the bulk of promotions and hires come from within a company, businesses will face fewer questions.

Unfortunately, most companies don't track internal employee movement, let alone prepare workers to shift roles in an organization. The Institute for Corporate Productivity estimates about 30 percent of businesses have active staff tracking mechanisms in place to transition experienced workers to different roles. With such a framework and the use of eLearning development software, a company can improve its success rates when filling open positions.

Fluid and streamlined training programs contribute to a company's success in this area. When businesses have an instructional system in place such as custom software development, they can prepare workers for supplemental tasks at the same time they're being trained for their primary duties. When personnel are being considered for new roles within the company, supervisors will be confident staff members have some understanding of and experience with the new duties they would have to assume.

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