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Managing Active Directory in Healthcare

Managing access to information in a healthcare environment is a challenging task. Access to patient files must be granted to authorized personnel, but no one else. Active Directory (AD)—which authenticates and authorizes users in a Windows network—profiles every user to ensure they fit the correct profile before being granted access to information. There cannot be any interruption in access because of potential harm to the patient and eventual risk to the healthcare provider for making mistakes. Healthcare organizations can take control of the authentication and authorization process with Active Directory.

Integrating Active Directory into your organization means the system administrator can manage users and control access to sensitive information. Groups can be created or profile changes made in one place for all applications and services and used at multiple locations.

  • Compliance. Healthcare organizations must keep patient data private and secure. The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are a set of rules that require the protection and confidential handling of protected health information.
  • Applications. In the healthcare field it’s common to see not only dozens, but hundreds, of applications running. This means multiple users, logins, passwords, profiles, and access points in one location. When patients are counting on staff for care, they cannot wait for a ticket to be submitted to the helpdesk. The reliability of sign on and authentication protocols is a must when it comes to healthcare.
  • Scalability. As healthcare organizations grow in an organic way or through acquisitions, they must consider how to grant access to more locations and users in the process.

Active Directory can manage large numbers of authorizations while helping to keep organizations compliant and ultimately, keeping data secure. Whether your organization is a multi-location clinic or an 800-bed hospital, or something in between, integrating AD can help you better manage access to sensitive healthcare information.


CSE Software can help your organization integrate and manage Active Directory to ensure that the access to healthcare information is secure and compliant. Contact Casey Messenger at 1.309.202.2587 today to find out how CSE can help your organization protect its health records and patient information.