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Simulator Development

Massachusetts General Hospital offers fellowship in medical simulation development

By April 16th, 2012No Comments

In partnership with the Gilbert Program in Medical Simulation at Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital is offering fellowship opportunities that are customized to the specialized focus of each trainee. Blending cutting edge simulation technology with strong mentoring relationships, this fellowship is meant to foster leadership within the medical simulation field.

Fellows will experience a variety of hands on simulations, delivering anesthesia, performing delicate surgical procedures and even delivering a child. Custom training software allows students to unpack safety protocols and consider legal and ethical issues as their time is split between real life hospital sites and virtual research labs.

This fellowship reflects that medical simulation training is an effective way for medical professionals to acquire necessary skills. Increased technological demands in the medical industry correlated with a rise in the use of simulated training protocols. Medical professionals should consider the ways that custom software development can streamline and simplify simulation training and work with a company that can tailor the technology to the needs of the institution.

Contact Stacey Burris at or 1.309.670.7595 and ask for a simulation development demo today!