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Mentoring and training can be optimized by using eLearning

By January 12th, 2012No Comments

Most ideas can't be learned in a vacuum, especially when they're very complicated and the stakes are high. When it comes to preparing employees for certain tasks, very few things are as important as providing sage advice and the wisdom of experience to new hires. Without some kind of role model, most new staff members are going to have a harder time figuring out how to perform tasks or they will never learn them in the first place.

However, some organizations do not have the manpower to assign a mentor to new hires for any length of time, because experienced veterans are needed for day-to-day tasks. Consequently, a balance needs to be struck between having employees go without training and depriving organizations of some of their best and most efficient workers. Fortunately, eLearning can help to make this balance possible.

ELearning contributes to the mentoring process by only requiring an actual mentor interact with an employee with concentrated bursts of time. For the most part, employees can learn tasks and processes from tablets and other devices that have been installed with customized eLearning modules. When necessary, they'll have dedicated mentors available to answer questions, provide demonstrations and offer advice.

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